General Purchase Information

All program and coaching purchases automatically come with the full Ultimate Couch to 5K Program PDF. The full program and instructions are included.

Frequently Asked Questions


Group Pricing

Looking to do the Ultimate Couch to 5K as a team or with friends or family? Send us an email for special discounted pricing.

TrainHeroic App

We use TrainHeroic as our main application partner. Please see our app page for more details.

Safety Info

Please ensure you speak with your qualified registered physician before attempting any strenuous training program.

Traning Schedule

The total program consists of 3 distinct phases that can be completed on their own or in sequence. The total time of the full program is 26 weeks.


Difficulty Level

The program is designed for people of all fitness levels to begin. All exercise intensities are based on your own capability. If you find you are unable to do certain things, do not hesitate to contact us.


The Ultimate Couch to 5K Program requires:

– Gym (dumbbells, barbell, plates, bands, various machines)
– Space to run

Note: Equipment is important, but substitutions can be made!